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Adult Education Course

Financial Capability Program and Financial Literacy Workshops

LDFCS provides educational opportunities that are tailored to the needs of individuals, community groups and other services.

We provide all equipment for the financial literacy workshops, including digital print literature and multimedia presentations.

Tailored financial capability programs are designed to help improve and build financial literacy skills.

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Who is it for? 

The Financial Capability Service is for people who require:

  • Budgeting support

  • Skills development to avoid or resolve financial difficulties

  • Increased capacity to manage money and to know where to get further help

  • Greater financial knowledge to reduce risk of homelessness

  • Referral service to specialised support services.

Developing your financial skills


The program has been developed to provide personal support to people recovering from financial difficulty and acts as a referral point for people to access entitlements to make managing tough times easier.

Adult Education Course

Financial Literacy Education

Our Financial Counsellors are also available to facilitate community and workplace workshops to improve understanding of financial management and the financial industry. 
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For more information about how we can assist you or your organisation, please phone us on 02 6622 2171

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