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Support for small business
Small Business Financial Counsellors provide FREE information, support and advocacy.  

Make a free appointment today and see how we can help.

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Our small business financial counsellors provide, independent and confidential support to help you with the challenges experienced by your business.​


They can talk to your creditors about payment arrangements; insolvency options; as well as your rights and options.

Taking Notes on Financial Report

Small Business financial counsellor can support to:

  • Assist with identifying and navigating government and community grants, programs or schemes

  • Understand your financial position and the viability of your business
    Identify options to manage the financial issues of your business

  • Develop budgets and cash flows

  • Create and implement an action plan to work towards your business goals

  • Negotiate with your lenders and access dispute resolution services

  • Access broader professional advice and support as required including specialist marketing, taxation, accounting or legal advice

  • Developing and implement financial strategies

For more information about how we can assist you or your organisation, please phone us on 02 6622 2171

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