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Flood Recovery Financial Counselling

Natural disasters are devastating and traumatic and can cause severe financial difficulty as people’s lives and sources of income are abruptly disrupted.
The financial difficulties caused by a natural disaster are extreme leaving people overwhelmed and lost, and in many cases, deeply traumatized with no clear path to take.
The Lismore & District Financial Counselling Service provides Financial Counselling advice and support to individ
uals and small businesses impacted by disasters, and in particular the floods in the Northern Rivers NSW region.

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Our financial counselling team provide assistance on a wide range of financial matters pertaining to disaster and flood recovery, including:

  • Disputes with insurance companies, the pros and cons of settlement, advocacy and the appeal process with AFCA;

  • Difficulties paying mortgages, rent, utility bills, council rates etc.

  • Negotiating with banks and other credit providers

  • Assistance accessing government grants

  • Accessing Centrelink payments
    Support and advocacy with regards to the Resilient Homes Fund pr

  • Review options with regards to Resilient Homes Program, insurance issues appeals and referrals

Our Financial Counselling team provide the much needed support required in times of financial hardship.  We provide free, confidential and independent advice in a manner that is non-judgemental, professional and most importantly, trauma informed.

We aim to help people respond, rebuild and recover from the flood across the northern rivers region by providing practical financial counselling support, that is responsive to the needs of people trying to recover from disaster.

In addition, we provide important referral opportunities where there is a requirement for specialist legal advice, mental health support, housing support or additional services outside our expertise.

For more information about how we can assist you or your organisation, please phone us on 02 6622 2171

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