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Therapeutic Gambling Support


Free confidential support for gambling problems. 
No matter how you’re affected by gambling - your own or someone else’s, our free confidential Gamble Aware counselling service may provide the support you need.
Make a free appointment today and see how we can help.


Ask yourself:

  • Is gambling affecting your life?

  • Do you gamble to escape stressful situations, loneliness, guilt, depression or financial pressures?

  • Is gambling affecting your relationship with family, friends or employers?

  • Have you tried to ‘chase’ the money you lost from gambling the same day or next day.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, talking to a qualified counsellor could really help.

Financial Report

What we offer:

  • Confidential counselling and assessment services for people who are experiencing harmful levels of gambling behaviour, their families or friends

  • Access to fully accredited and experienced counsellors via, phone, telehealth, or face to face

  • Explore areas of personal wellbeing, family relationships, finances, and work performance

  • Tailored self-directed behaviour change strategies and goals

  • Referral pathways to legal support services

  • A one-stop multi-venue self-exclusion service for hotels and clubs across NSW

For more information about how we can assist you or your organisation, please phone us on 02 6622 2171

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